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The Happiest Holidays Include Lemax!

Pleasant memories of Christmas past are the building blocks for making warm and happy holidays for 2017.  That's why the tradition of creating Christmas villages has continued to grow in popularity around the globe.  

What's New for 2017

This year Lemax surprises collectors by releasing both Halloween and Traditional Holiday products at the same time.  From the Victorian style Christmas displays of Caddington Village to the ghostly Manor and Zombie like creatures of Spooky Town, Lemax 2017 holiday village pieces help recapture those cherished childhood memories. 


Spooky Town Featured Products

New for 2017!

Lemax is an important part of the world of holiday villages. Our 2017 Lemax Village Collection offers our widest assortment ever of lighted buildings, figurines and accessories - everything you need to create a small display or an entire Christmas village. 

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