Banshee's Boo-B-Traps

Banshee's Boo-B-Traps

Spooky Town Latest Edition - Banshee's Boo-B-Traps

Lemax Anniversary Collectors Edition

Banshee's Boo-B-Traps

In October 2013, Lemax hosted a social media contest for its collectors called: “You Name It. We Create It.” The prize? A Lemax enthusiast would win the opportunity to have their idea and concept for a new Lemax Spooky Town building come to life.  Cassie Hancock was the winner, and now her spooky nightmare is a dream-come-true for this fresh-faced designer who garnered the most social media votes for her building’s idea and name.  Much like the mythical creatures the store is named after, Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps, will have your mythical town wailing and moaning, marking the most recent capture of another creature from the dark side. Hear the banshees cry, as the cages clamp down on another unsuspecting Spooky Town victim.

Banshee's Boo-B-Traps Thank you Card

In celebration of our 25 year anniversary and for the first time ever, Lemax will be selling the Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps on the Lemax website which will also include a special "Thank You" card from Lemax. It is still uncertain if any will be produced in 2016 and beyond. Please signup for our email list if you wish stay informed about Banshee's and other Lemax products. Please note: You can purchase this product from a few selected vendors, however it will not include the Lemax "Thank you" letter


Lemax Contest Winner - Cassie Hancock


"To see my Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps go from concept, to design, to final product is very exciting.

Cassie's Facebook contest entry:

Banshee's Boo-B-Traps.  A DIY store for all those hard to catch criminal miscreants like werewolves, zombies, vampires, evil jackO-lanterns, mice, witches, and black cats.  The building, similar to Home Depot / Lowes in nature would have sounds like howling "No Trespassing" and "I've got you where I want you" threats. The main feature of the store would be a cage that slams down on a poor unsuspecting werewolf, and then spotlights pop-up on him like an episode of COPS. Other things decorating the building would be different sized cages, traps and general haunted house security supplies!
Considering the haunted howls of these mythical, magical creatures, it’s ironic to see the faces behind Lemax’s new Fan-Created Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps.  Click HERE to meet the Artist Bret Conover and read about how he came up with the design.

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