Banshee's Boo-B-Traps

How it's Made

In celebration of Lemax's Silver Anniversary, the product development team wanted to share some of the design, development and production process of Banshee's Boo-B-Traps. 

First Step First Step
1 - It starts with creating a clay mold from the artist design
2 - This clay sculpture will create the porcelain mold
3 - Every detail has to be sculptured just perfect
4 - Mixing the porcelain clay that will be be used to make each piece.
5 - Filling the master molds with a porcelain clay mixture.
6 - After several days, the porcelain is dry and ready to be fired in a kiln.
7 - Designing the mechanical parts used for movement and sound.
8 - The internal mechanics of Banshee's Boo-B-Traps.
9 - The mechanics combined with the porcelain pieces.
10 - The final assembly and touch-ups.