Lemax Customer Service

Lemax Return and Exchanges

Thank you for your interest in the Lemax Village Collection. Lemax continues to strive to make Customer service our number one priority.  We understand our products can become broken for a wide variety of reasons. If this has happened to you we greatly apologize for this inconvenience.
Please note that the first course of action should be to resolve any product issue through your place of purchase as this is the most expedient and cost effective manner in which to rectify most cases.

If you have received a Lemax product that is damaged or has stopped working, Lemax would like to assist you as much as we can and in some scenarios it may be possible that Lemax may be of direct assistance.  
While we try to accommodate every customer service request, please understand that Lemax does not have a product warehouse where any products are stored.  All of our products are made to order for each retailer and some products are made in limited quantities. 
Please understand, if requesting Lemax to exchange a product that was purchased from one of our authorized retailers, it would be subject to Lemax‘s return/replacement procedures.  
In order to more directly answer your inquiry, please select from the options below.  Please try to include as much information about your Lemax product as possible.  Your Lemax Item number or UPC bar-code number will be very helpful.

To help better assist you, where did you purchase your Lemax product from?

 From a Lemax Retailer   or   Directly from LemaxCollection.com