Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help in assisting you with your purchase.

Which email address should I send my inquiry to?
Inquiries regarding product information, purchases made outside of (From our vendors), product suggestions or becoming a retailer please use use our Contact Us Form or email us at  

Is Banshee's Boo-B-Traps a Special Collectors Edition?
Answer) Yes.  As part of our Silver Anniversary celebration, Banshee's Boo-B-Traps is a special addition to the 2015 Spooky Town collection.  Only purchases made from our web site,, will include a special collector’s "Thank You Card"..   

Will Banshee's Boo-B-Traps be made next year?
Answer)  This decision has not been determined. 

When will my order be shipped?
Answer)  Orders will be shipped starting the second and third week of August. 

Can you ship to a P.O Box?
Answer)  No. We cannot ship to any P.O Box.   Any order that has a P.O Box as a shipping address will be immediately refunded. 

What are your shipping fees?
Answer)  All shipping charges are free.  

What shipping carrier do you use for shipping?
Answer)  All products are shipped via UPS. 

Does my shipment require a signature?
Answer)  No.  All shipments will be left at front door by UPS. 

How do you ship your products?
Answer)  All products are well packaged in separate boxes to avoid damage and are shipped UPS Ground Services. 5 - 7 Business Days. 

I placed an order but did not receive an email confirmation?
Please check your Spam and Junk email folders first, then please contact us at to verify your order and email address.

Will I receive an email when it is shipped?
Answer)  Yes. Our UPS Shipping System will send you an email with the tracking number and expected delivery date when it leaves our warehouse.

Do you ship to Canada or Europe?
Answer)  No.  This offer is valid for only the Continental United States (U.S.) collectors. 

What if my product arrives damaged?
Answer)  If an order arrives to you with obvious shipping damage, please refuse the delivery. If you have accepted delivery and then find shipping damage, please email us at

What are your Policies for Returns,Terms and Conditions?
Answer)  Returns are accepted 30 days of the “Ship Date”.  Please review our Return and Exchange Policy.

Do I need to pay for Sales Tax?
Answer)  Only collectors in Massachusetts will be charged sales tax.

Where is the power supply and/or accessories located?
Answer)  If Adapters and/or accessories are not in the general compartment, they can be located on the OUTSIDE of the Styrofoam packaging. Check the styrofoam packaging carefully for a cut out area that can be removed. 

My adapter/accessories are not in the cut out compartment. How can I get these item?
Answer)  Please send an email to us at so that we may assist you further.

Do you repair products?
Answer)  Unfortunately Lemax does not have a repair facility.

What glue do you recommend I use to reattach pieces that have broken off my building?
Answer)  Any brand of clear super glue.

Is your product scaled?
Answer)  Though many Lemax products are similar in scale to BO, ¾, etc. Lemax products are not specifically scaled to confirm to model railroading scales

Can you tell me the name of the soundtrack(music) that my item is playing?
Answer)  Please send an email to us at with your item information so that we may assist you further.

Can you tell me what my item is saying?
Answer)  Please send an email to us at with your item information so that we may assist you further.

My Animated item is noisey. Is that normal?
Answer)  It is common to have some inherent noise with animated items.  Should this be excessive please contact us at with your item information so that we may assist you further.