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Take a One-Way Ride to Terror

by Lemax | Apr 07, 2014
Travel down to the Destiny Terminal (#45665) to catch the Spooky Town Trolley (#44749) for the ride of your life! Don’t let the ramshackle appearance of the terminal building deter you from having your ticket punched at the Ticket Booth Kiosk (#43066).

For you eternal convenience you can have your bags loaded aboard by the Scary Luggage porter (#42203). Then join your fellow travelers for a one-way trip to the end of the line. A signal to the ghoulish Grim Railway Switchman (#44746) is all that is necessary to get things rolling. We hope you have a frightfully delightful journey!

This creepy scene is sure to send shivers up your spine. The haunted Spooky Town Trolley is ready to roll along the tracks with its assortment of chill-inducing passengers. Be sure to make your travel plans early. You don’t want to arrive “late”!

Take a One-Way Ride to Terror