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Who Wants to Ride the “Scary-Go-Round” at the Spooky Amusement Park?

by Lemax | May 20, 2014
Fun and games takes a creepy new turn when you visit the Spooky Amusement Park and climb aboard the Scary-Go-Round (item no. 34605). Mount the crumbling steps to the ride platform – if you dare. Instead of smiling clown faces you are greeted by grinning skulls and bleached bones. The eerie music and ghoulish decorations are sure signs that this is no ordinary carousel. 

It’s all frightful fun, of course! Costumed children, accompanied by their watchful parents, enjoy the thrill of whirling around on this ghostly ride. Who will boast to their friends that they were brave enough to ride the prancing black horse? Or foolish enough to choose the eagle-beaked gryphon for their mount? 

The Scary-Go-Round is one of the highlights of a visit to the Spooky Amusement Park, where adventurous trick-or-treaters can celebrate Halloween by marching in a costume parade, dining on a “Horror Hot Dog,” or taking home a souvenir balloon that may carry an explosive surprise! How will you “liven up” the holiday this Halloween?
Who Wants to Ride the Scary-Go-Round