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Fun for Young and Old at the Amusement Park

by Lemax | Jul 08, 2014
There’s always a full day of fun to be had at the Amusement Park! From the smallest child to smiling grandparents, the entire family will enjoy a day of rides and games. Let’s get started!

Climb aboard the Giant Swing Ride (item #44765) and feel the wind in your face as you twirl ‘round and ‘round. Are you daring enough to raise your hands high as you swing out and up? Or do you grip the handrail tightly until settling back to the ground?

Your day in the sky is not over yet! Hurry over to Sky-High City Park (item #44763), where you can float serenely above the earth in a colorfully painted hot air balloon. The view is spectacular from up here!

Take a short rest on a park bench, or treat yourself to some cotton candy. But don’t forget to ride the classic Victorian Flyer Ferris Wheel (item #34618), a brightly lit homage to amusement parks of old. You’ll find yourself humming along to the cheerful music as you rise and fall with every turn of the wheel. 

Who will be more tired at the end of the day, you or the children? One thing is for sure – everyone will go home with wonderful new memories to treasure.