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No Break from This Mysterious Prison

by Lemax | Aug 07, 2014
No Break from This Mysterious Prison!

“If you do the crime, you’ll do the time.” That message is made very clear in the forbidding Isle of No Return Prison (item no. 45664). 

Built atop a pile of craggy rocks in the middle of the deep, dark sea, there is little chance of prisoners escaping from this penitentiary. A shoreline littered with the skeletons of those who attempted to flee is evidence of the dire fate of convicts. 

Still, that does not seem to prevent prisoners from making an effort to break out. Two clever criminals are trying to float away in a washtub, heading for the ghostly Boo-y (item no. 44748) that marks the channel. Still others are tunneling out or climbing down the slippery sides of the prison under the watchful eyes of creepy guards and scary gargoyles.

Alas, most of the inmates will serve out their sentence toiling on the prison’s Chain Gang (item no. 42209), breaking rocks and counting the days until they are finally freed from captivity.
No Break from This Mysterious Prison!