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Celebrate a Traditional Victorian Holiday!

by Lemax | Sep 04, 2014

Many of the Christmas traditions celebrated around the world have their roots in Victorian-era England. Just think of the heart-warming stories of Charles Dickens and you’ll soon be dreaming of snow dusted streets filled with top hatted gentlemen and elegant ladies in bustles and wide skirts.

This quaint picture is captured in our display of a Victorian downtown square at Christmastime. Snow covered buildings are trimmed for the holiday with green wreaths and red ribbons and bows. The Public Library (item no. 45722) is brightly lit for patrons checking out the latest novels – perhaps even “A Christmas Carol!” On the opposite corner is the charming Silver & Gold Shop (item no. 45699), which is filled with everything you’ll need to decorate your home for the coming celebration. You can even peek into the front display window to see their gaily-bedecked Christmas tree.

Out on the street you can stop to sample a tasty treat from the roving sweets seller. Or pose for a Plein Air Portrait (item no. 42253) painted by an artist eager to make you look your best in your holiday finery. Be sure to get all of your shopping completed in time to hurry home for Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends!