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Which Witch is Which?

by Lemax | Oct 09, 2014
Halloween always brings out the best in the witch community. Or is the worst? “Witchever” it is you’ll find your favorite creepy crones hard at work creating potions and casting spells, right up to Halloween night. 

One place you are sure to find a busy coven is Zelda’s Witch & Wizard Supply (item #35601), a creaky old shop with a frighteningly complete assortment of all the sinister items every witch needs to perform her black magic. Looking for a fresh batch of eye of newt or lizard tongue? How about the latest copy of a witch’s book of spells? Perhaps you old broom has too many miles and you need a new ride! You’ll find them all at Zelda’s.

One group of satisfied customers is already busy at the Witches Workshop (item #44742). Their bubbling cauldron is filled with snippets and pieces of various crawling creatures, mixed with powders and potions of unknown origin. Make sure you don’t volunteer to sample this noxious elixir! 

Once the holiday has passed and all the trick-or-treaters are safely back at home, even a haggard old witch needs to rest. So onto her broom she climbs to zoom off for some Witches’ R&R (item #44731). A peaceful snooze in an appropriately coarse hammock will soon lead to dreams of dragons and thunderstorms, and plans for even more ghoulish surprises next Halloween!
Lemax Zelda's Witch & Wizard Supply