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The Christmas Fair is a Family Affair!

by Lemax | Dec 05, 2014
The whole family will get into the holiday spirit at this year’s Christmas Fair! Hop aboard the Christmas Cable Car (item #44762) for a sightseeing trip around this charming winter wonderland. The classic cable car has been hand-painted in Christmas colors, and spreads cheer as it clicks merrily along its track. 

Our first stop is the Santa Carousel (item #34682). This brightly lit, vibrantly colored carousel has long been a favorite at the Christmas Fair, carrying generations of gleeful children around and around while cheerful Christmas tunes fill the air. Choose your favorite horse and get ready for a fun-filled trip!

After a long day of fun and games at the Christmas Fair, tired little brother needs a ride home on Dad’s shoulders! But you can be sure that even the most excited child will sleep peacefully as Santa Claus makes his rounds on Christmas Eve.