Lemax Spooky Town

The supernatural and scary have found a place right here in Spooky Town, the Lemax collection dedicated to the fright-filled delight of Halloween.

Lemax Spooky Town Collection

From the scary to the supernatural, Spooky Town offers delightfully fright-filled pieces for Halloween
All of your usual unearthly residents: witches, vampires, zombies, ghosts and more are waiting for your arrival.

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Spooky Town - New For 2017

As ghosts and ghouls start to awaken from their summer slumbers, we’re excited to unveil our newest 2017 additions to the Spooky Town Lemax village collection. This Halloween village is the perfect way to decorate for trick-or-treaters, or to terrify your guests at this year’s Halloween party. From haunted mansions, to creepy cemeteries, this year’s new collectables will make your Halloween village as bone-chilling as ever. Discover the latest and ghastliest additions to the Spooky Town 2017 village collection.

New Spooky Town Villages