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Banshee Boo-B-Traps

Lemax "You Name It. We Create It." Contest Winner!

Meet the Artist - Bret Conover

As a Lemax Designer, it’s always exciting to get started on a new piece for a collection and to have a fan come up with the idea makes it twice as nice! So when I heard about the first-time "You Name it We Create It," Lemax contest, I was excited to see what creative ideas the fans came up with.  As a designer, starting on a large animated piece is always challenging. However, coming up with a great idea is half the battle. So when I saw Cassie's entry for Banshee Boo-B-Trap store for the 2015 Spooky Town collection, it was easy to see her vision for this special piece.
As the winner of the first "You Name it We Create It" contest, Cassie's idea was so strong, with a great description, it made the design process a little easier. 

As with all Lemax collectibles, the Banshee's concept design began with a rough concept sketch. Usually, several concept sketches are done before deciding on the direction of the piece. The initial concept shows the basic design, direction and animation the building will maintain. At this stage in the design process, we decide what details and animations are feasible. Signage and typography are equally important, and are considered key elements in each piece.

The next series of steps involve detailed color perspectives that show the overall look of the piece. Once the palette of the new piece is approved, we move on to elevations and specific drawings for the sculptors to follow in production. It’s during this illustration process that the fine-tuning is made to ensure the true concept and spirit of the piece is translated to the final product. Seeing a fan-created piece like Banshee Boo-B-Trap come to life is pretty special.

My goal as a Lemax Designer is to envision and produce intricate, eye-catching designs, that include unique animations and lighting effects. Something that will make collectors say, “I have to have that for my collection; it’s perfect!” I believe that the new Banshee Boo-B-Trap store will have collectors of Spooky Town saying exactly that!

Banshee's Boo-B-Traps
Banshee's Boo-B-Traps
Banshee's Boo-B-Traps

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