The Candy Cane Works
The Candy Cane Works

The Candy Cane Works

Lemax Contest Winner, 2018.
You Name It. We Create It.

You Name It. We Create It: Where one creative Lemax collector is going to walk away with a gift that will make even Santa sit up and take notice.

NEW FOR 2020 - The Candy Cane Works

In 2018 Lemax held a social media contest called "You Name It. We Create It." where one lucky Lemax enthusiast would win the opportunity to have their idea and concept come to life, and Sherry Guigley of Pennsylvania was the ultimate winner with her entry "The Candy Cane Factory."   Inspired by her tradition of placing candy canes on her family Christmas tree each, this vibrant and musical Sights & Sounds piece represents all of those candy canes that are made each year and placed in stockings and on Christmas trees.

Sherry's Contest Entry

Have a factory with windows where kids are looking in to see candy canes being made. Have the candy canes on a belt going around and have a factory worker inside looking down at the belt like she is making them. For the lighting, have a white light lighting up the inside with a Christmas tree outside covered in candy canes. For a sound have the kids saying "look look" as enticing other kids to comes to look at the candy canes being made. I was inspired by the candy canes that I have traditionally put on my Christmas tree every year.

Sherry Quigley

"Thank you for allowing me to be in this contest.  This piece turned out amazing. "

Sherry Guigley. Pennsylvania USA. 

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