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Become inspired and build your own unique Lemax Village.

Looking for something to awaken your creative spirits? Or need some last minute decorating tips for Lemax villages? Browse a few of these Inspiration photos and it will surely get your creative juices flowing!

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There’s a fresh chill in the air

It’s that time of year again. Summer’s over, fallen leaves line the sidewalk, and there’s a fresh chill in the air.

And you know what that means—Halloween is just around the corner. And with Halloween comes shouts and screams of all kinds.

But these screams aren’t because of creepy ghouls. They’re from your Spookytown Village theme park! This month’s Lemax Inspiration showcases the sights and sounds of this scary amusement park.

In this scream-inducing setup, we see four main attractions, surrounding by a cast of eerie Halloween characters.

At the far left is Zombie Plan Ride, a whirling ride where costumed plane riders fly up and down and around the central flight tower. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle!

Next is Ghost Around, a gravity-defying thrill ride. The riders scream as they spin around faster and faster as lights flash and the music blares. Ride if you dare.

Once you’re all spun out, check out Bump in the Night, a haunted bumper car ride. Watch as riders skid across the surface—and narrowly avoid big crashes.

Last is the Scary-Go-Round. Where even more costumed riders rise and fall on horses, magical dragons, griffins, and other spooky creatures! A giant skull atop this ride emits a creepy green glow.

Hungry? Scattered around this park display are a handful of food vendors. Creepy Confections sells candy corn, I Scream U Scream sells ice cream, and Zombie Brains Foodcart sells, well, never mind…

And what’s creepier than a creepy clown? Evil Sinister Clowns, Free Candy Clown, and Balloon Clown are sure to give you nightmares. You’ll also spot scary skeletons, suspicious gnomes, and other fun Halloween charactors.

Excited to put your Halloween Village together? Check out the entire Spooky Town collection!

Happy Halloween!!