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Lemax Inspirations

Become inspired and build your own unique Lemax Village.

Looking for something to awaken your creative spirits? Or need some last minute decorating tips for Lemax villages? Browse a few of these Inspiration photos and it will surely get your creative juices flowing!

Inspiring Designs & Concepts

Add a dash of Lemax to your holiday baking

There are many rooms by which to decorate during the holiday season and usually the kitchen is not one of them. However, a simple yet striking way to present your holiday feast might just be in the kitchen. It doesn’t take much to bring out the holiday cheer. A modest 4 piece display with a few accessories creates a dazzling yet charming presentation for your guests.

Shown here are the Bluebird Inn, Allison House and a simple Gazebo with Decorations along with a few accessories. The secret weapon in this inspirational photo is the addition of a few cake stands. These highlight the centerpieces and unifies the overall look of your table.

With Lighted Buildings being a little smaller in size than Sights and Sounds pieces, it is easier for a display located in a high traffic area like the kitchen, not to become one of those “accident waiting to happen”. For a display located in the kitchen, size does matter thus smaller is better.