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Lemax Inspirations

Become inspired and build your own unique Lemax Village.

Looking for something to awaken your creative spirits? Or need some last minute decorating tips for Lemax villages? Browse a few of these Inspiration photos and it will surely get your creative juices flowing!

Inspiring Designs & Concepts

Sail away

Take a deep breath. Can you smell the sea air? Our June Lemax Inspiration village is meant to sail you away to this relaxing seaside destination.

Not every village display has to be about Christmas and Halloween—mix it up! And here’s a tip: you can still use some of your holiday village pieces as part of a seaside-themed display.

This inspiration village makes great use of display platforms. Sitting on an ocean-blue mat, these three Lemax display platforms create the illusion of three individual islands.

The first platform, the Rocks & Docks Display Platform, prominently features two lighted buildings. On the left, V8 Service Plaza (a new item for 2019), is a great place to fill up the gas tanks for your boat. On the right, Children's Museum brings back memories of visiting children’s attractions while on vacation. This first island also features a few vacationing couples, including Gearing Up, a couple about to try their hand at fishing.

The second island is the Hill Top Display Platform. Sitting at the top of its winding steps is She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop, an adorable nautical-themed souvenir shop (another new item for 2019). At the base of the island is the Sea Spray Sailing School, a great place for the kids to learn how to hit the open seas.

The third island, just peeking in the bottom-right corner, is the Tree Stump Display Platform. Perched atop the cliff is At The Park, featuring a parent and child feeding a flock of hungry birds while looking over the ocean.

And to give this scene an extra helping of seaside fun, we’ve added the bright red Harbour Tower in the background, several Spring Willow Trees for a pop of green, and a few families enjoying the water, including Family Fishing Trip and Winter Clambake.

For more seaside village inspiration, check out Plymouth Corners, but don’t be afraid to mix and match from any village collection!