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Lemax Inspirations

Become inspired and build your own unique Lemax Village.

Looking for something to awaken your creative spirits? Or need some last minute decorating tips for Lemax villages? Browse a few of these Inspiration photos and it will surely get your creative juices flowing!

Inspiring Designs & Concepts

Hungry for Village Inspiration?

Christmas may come only once a year, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until Christmas to start planning your Lemax village.

One of the best ways to build out an incredible Christmas village is to start with one coherent theme. That theme could be for your entire village, or just a small subsection, like a neighborhood.

For example, this month's Lemax Inspiration village is built around the theme of a downtown food district.

This village features three eateries that are all new for 2019:

Big Bite Sandwiches from the Jukebox Junction collection, The Oak and Acorn Pub from the Caddington Village collection, and Luigi’s Ristorante Italiano, also from Caddington.

Gathered around these popular eateries are a whimsical collection of food vendors, including Bread Bakers, the Bread Peddler, and Sandwich Board Man.

This village proves that having one theme doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match between our different holiday village collections, as long as you have a plan.

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