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Become inspired and build your own unique Lemax Village.

Looking for something to awaken your creative spirits? Or need some last minute decorating tips for Lemax villages? Browse a few of these Inspiration photos and it will surely get your creative juices flowing!

Inspiring Designs & Concepts

The Winter Ball

Christmas is only days away, but there’s still time to add to your Lemax Christmas Village. Or. even better, you can give the gift of Lemax collectibles to your friends and family.

This month’s Lemax Inspiration photo comes from the Caddington Village collection. This collection harkens back to the days of yore, where gentlemen wore top hats and ladies wore elegant bonnets.

With its red brick streets and bristly evergreen trees, this village evokes feelings of a simpler time.

Highlighted at the center of the village is the Garden Ballroom. The ballroom is hosting the annual Winter Ball, with guests whirling and twirling to the sounds of classic Christmas music.

The ballroom is complemented by a series of elegant table pieces that really evoke the feeling of the Victorian era.

At the far left is the Victorian Greenhouse, where a woman and her pet cats tending to a beautiful collection of holiday plants. Continuing along the back row is the Lamplighter Countdown, where two townsmen are counting down the days until Christmas. Next is Winter Feeding, where a friendly woman feeds a flock of hungry birds.

At the back right is the Victorian Park Gazebo, an elegant green and white building that makes the perfect accent piece.

At the far right is The Duchess Arrives. This piece shows a noblewoman getting escorted to her horse-drawn carriage. In the front right corner, the Modular Plaza-Fountain truly brings a classic feel to the village display.

Other figures in this display include Baby’s First Christmas, Puppy Kisses, Nanny, Sitting Together, and more.

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