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Looking for something to awaken your creative spirits? Or need some last minute decorating tips for Lemax villages? Browse a few of these Inspiration photos and it will surely get your creative juices flowing!

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Winter is coming in the Northeast

With the crisp fall breeze in the air and winter right around the corner, our Lemax Inspiration village for November takes us to the Northeast U.S. for a calming seaside scene.

Plymouth Corners is one of our most popular village collections. Inspired by late fall and early winter days in New England, this village collection seems to make time slow down to a completely relaxing pace.

Whether you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving or already looking ahead to Christmas, let’s take a look into what makes this village scene so special.

This inspiration image features five prominent buildings from the Plymouth Corners collection.

At the far left is Sea Spray Sailing School—a great place to learn how to sail out on the open waters. The pale blue siding and the dark red roofs give this training place a distinctly nautical feel.

Next, you’ll see the Yule Tide Yacht. Having hung up the sleigh for the time being, Santa himself is captaining this ship of Christmas cheer.

No harbor scene is complete without a lighthouse. In the background of this village, we see the Snug Harbor Lighthouse, already decorated for Christmas with its red and white barber pole (or candy cane) stripes. And of course, this lighthouse has a fully functioning light that happily spins away over your village.

If you have a sweet tooth, your mouth will water at the sights of Sally’s Salt Water Taffy. This loveable candy hut offers free samples of its featured flavors, and features a small lighthouse tower of its own.

Perched atop the rocks at the far right is Skip’s Surf Shop. This seaside cabin is adorned with all kinds of stylish and slippery surf boards.

And of course, your village also needs a few fishermen. Floating in the water, we see the Canoe Catch and Family Fishing Trip figurines that highlight the happiness that is catching a fish with family.

Want more New England village inspiration? Check out the entire Plymouth Corners collection!