Lemax 2015 Halloween Photo Contest

Welcome to the Lemax 2015 Halloween Photo Contest

This year Lemax is hosting a Halloween Photo Contest for a chance to win a Lemax 10 piece Spooky Town village. To enter, please share your favorite Lemax Spooky Town photo on our Facebook Halloween Contest Page.  The photo with the most Votes WINS!   Be sure to share your entry with your Facebook friends and ask them to vote for your entry. 

Congratulations to Mishelleweaver
Winner of Lemax 2015 Halloween Photo Contest
Mishelleweaver won with 247 votes.

Winner - 2015 Lemax Halloween Contest


A ten (10) piece Lemax Spooky Town Village

  1. Mt. Gloom Observatory. 
  2. Banshee's Boo-B-Traps
  3. Day of the Dead Parade
  4. Cave Sweet Cave
  5. Grim Reaper Countdown
  6. Walking Zombies, Set of 3
  7. Dancing Skeletons, Set of 2
  8. Twisted Vulture Tree
  9. Maple Tree, Medium 
  10. Power Adapter 4.5V