Lemax You Name It. We Create it. Contest

Lemax You Name It. We Create It. Holiday Contest 2015

You Name It.  We Create It.

Congratulations to
Paul Sellars of Hervey Bay Australia 

Paul is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 You Name It. We Create It. 

ELF Made -  In the format of an elf production line. On 3 levels, the top showing moving raw materials of Christmas presents on a 'conveyor belt -wood, springs, ball of string etc with a line of elves seemingly in working pose surrounded by basic tools. The belt disappears out of sight and appears to fall down shute (labelled as such). Next level has made toys on conveyor running in the opposite direction, with elves in poses with wrapping paper (one maybe accidentally wrapping another whilst looking away in distraction) etc, again the conveyor belt disappears out of sight and seemingly down an appropriately labelled shute. last level has wrapped presents on conveyor belt and elves seemingly loading onto sleigh with burgeoning Santa's sack, reindeer in place, Rudolf with a lit red nose, Santa feeding them, clock counting down to Christmas day.

Sound would be sleigh bells, elves humming one collective Christmas tune and appropriate tools sound.

Look for this new piece to be released in August of 2018.

And Congratulations to our Second and Third Place Winners!

Second Place Winner:   Nancy Morin.  "A Walk In The Park"

Third Place Winner:   Carol Sutton. "Santa's Popcorn Factory"

Thank you for everyone that entered the Contest.  All of the idea's submitted were just amazing!!


Lemax 2015 Christmas Holiday Contest

Back by popular demand is the holiday contest "You Name It. We Create It" where one creative Lemax collector is going to walk away with a gift that will even make Santa sit up and take notice.


Most Lemax collectors aren’t afraid to admit that they were one of those kids (or still are!) whose noses were pressed up against the department store windows this time of year, as all of the elaborate Christmas displays and holiday decorations made the neighborhood mall sparkle like only it can this time of year.

Or maybe you’re the kind of Lemax fan who was more interested in the grand village displays and animated Rudolph-the-Reindeer nodding its head to all the little children standing in line to give their lists to Santa. Let’s face it, you were probably saying, “I could do it better”

Well, now is your chance to prove it! And this time around the judges will be some of the best designers in the business: Lemax designers! 

The Lemax "You Name It. We Create It" Design contest is about to make childhood dreams come true as collectors and fans are challenged to come up with a new Christmas animated building. Do you really want to see “sugarplums dancing in your head’ or perhaps the 12 days of Christmas comes alive to the rhythm of drummers drumming and pipers piping, what magical movement will add to your holiday cheer?

But the fun doesn’t stop there as the winner of this Christmas Holiday will have her building designed by a Lemax artist, molded, manufactured, painted and available as a new 2018 Christmas Holiday Building.