Lemax You Name It We Create It Contest
Lemax You Name It We Create It Contest

The Lemax "You Name It. We Create It" design contest is about to make childhood dreams come true as collectors and fans are challenged to come up with a new Spooky Town Halloween animated building.

You Name It. We Create It.  Halloween 2019.

Contest has ended.

Gretchen Lindlau - Winner of the You Name It. We Create it. Halloween contest for 2019

We Have a winner!

Congratulations to Gretchen Lindlau of Illinois for being selected as the winner of the Lemax 2019 You Name It. We Create It. Halloween contest.

Entry Title: Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery

Entry Description

The skeleton crew welcomes you to the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery, maker of the afterlife’s finest spectral spirits. If the Grinning Goblin Brewery and the Yulesteiner Brewery raised their baby in Ireland, the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery would be the result. With decrepit brick chimneys on each end, the center of the distillery’s roofline is pierced by an enormous copper still. Illuminated by orange led lights, you can see the base of the still and their skeletal workers through the factory’s front windows. The still’s condenser pipe projects straight up past the roofline. At the apex, the pipe connects to a clear pipe that glows purple and makes an immediate u-turn, heading back through the roof to the receiving vessel that is not visible through the factory’s walls. What little you can see of the condenser pipe, looks like a macabe purple flute, in part due to the multiple access portals that are part of the reflux still design, common among the best distilleries in both the mortal and undead realms. Just like the Grinning Goblin Brewery, the distillery has one clear pipe on the left of the building to store large amounts of liquor and it glows a gentle pulsating light in time. Skeleton workers crawl all over the factory steps, carrying barrels of spirits to the loading dock on the right side of the building. The stockpiled stacks of barrels rotate precariously, just like it’s Yulesteiner parent. The haunted Irish-themed soundtrack marries the burbling and bubbling sounds of liquid with a voice over that repeats the company's tagline "The skeleton crew welcomes you to the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery, maker of the afterlife’s finest spectral spirits."

Scheduled for Release

The Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery is scheduled to be released as a Spooky Town Sights and Sounds piece for the year 2021.

Essay Contest:  Come up with the name and concept of a new animated Spooky Town Halloween Sights & Sounds piece. If your unique design and cleverness wins, you will have your building designed by a Lemax artist, molded, manufactured, painted and available as a new Sights & Sounds piece for 2021.

All entries must include the following:

1) Name of their product.
2) A high-level brief design concept between 150 - 200 words of your creation. Please include in your design the following:

Description of how it works.  What moves, What does not.
What sounds does it make.
Use of colors and lights.
What inspired you to think of this concept and design.

The contest starts on October 1st, 2019 and ends on midnight October 31st, 2019. So get to work!

Content Guidelines - (These are not rules.)

Your design concept entry will be judged on:

  1. Unique - Artistic - Creativity
  2. Degree of difficulty in design and manufacturing
  3. Unique piece that complements the Lemax Spooky Town Collection

Please keep in mind your creation must be easy to design and manufacture.  Meaning: The more moving parts you have and the cost of creating the piece becomes too high.   Or:  Fragile and sharp pieces become a safety concern.  

Fans can vote on their favorite concept and building name however the winning entry will be hand picked by members of the Lemax Marketing Team.   Votes are taken into consideration so please be sure to vote on your favorite entry.

What’s in it for You? Prize!

The grand prize winner will receive the first production piece of their design along with a special letter from Lemax. Bragging rights are sure to be high on the list.

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