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You Name It. We Create It. Contest Christmas 2018

The Lemax "You Name It. We Create It" design contest is about to make childhood dreams come true as collectors and fans are challenged to come up with a new Christmas animated building.

You Name It. We Create It. Christmas 2018

Contest Has Ended

Winner of the 2018 You Name It. We Create It. holiday contest

Congratulations to Sherry Guigley - Winner 2018 

Candy Cane Factory

Her Entry
Have a factory with windows where kids are looking in to see candy canes being made.  Have the candy canes on a belt going around and have a factory worker inside looking down at the belt like she is making them.  For the lighting, have a white light lighting up the inside with a Christmas tree outside covered in candy canes. For a sound have the kids saying "look look" as enticing other kids to comes to look at the candy canes being made. I was inspired by the candy canes that I have traditionally put on my Christmas tree every year.

Essay Contest:  Come up with the name and concept of a new animated Christmas Holiday Sights & Sounds piece. If your unique design and cleverness wins, you will have your building designed by a Lemax artist, molded, manufactured, painted and available as a new Sights & Sounds piece for 2020.

All entries must include the following:

1) Name of their product.
2) A high-level brief design concept between 150 - 200 words of your creation. Please include in your design the following:

Description of how it works.  What moves, What does not.
What sounds does it make.
Use of colors and lights
What inspired you to think of this concept and design

The contest starts on November 1st, 2018 and ends on January 7th, 2019. So get to work!

Content Guidelines - (These are not rules.)

Your design concept entry will be judged on:

  1. Unique - Artistic - Creativity
  2. Degree of difficulty in design and manufacturing
  3. Unique piece that complements the Lemax Santa's Wonderland Collection

Please keep in mind your creation must be easy to design and manufacture.  Meaning: The more moving parts you have and the cost of creating the piece becomes too high.   Or:  Fragile and sharp pieces become a safety concern.  

Fans can vote on their favorite concept and building name however the winning entry will be hand picked by members of the Lemax Marketing Team.   Votes are taken into consideration so please be sure to vote on your favorite entry.

What’s in it for You? Prize!

The grand prize winner will receive the first production piece of their design a long with a special letter from Lemax. Bragging rights are sure to be high on the list.

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