Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery
Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery

Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery

Lemax Contest Winner, 2019.
You Name It. We Create It.

Meet the Artist - Bret Conover

Having worked with Lemax for over 24 years, I never tire of designing Spooky Town buildings. They are my favorite part of the job. I get a real kick out of the “You Name it, We Create it Contest” and love all the creative ideas that come from our Lemax fans. I look forward to reading the creative descriptions. My interest was piqued when I read Gretchen’s winning idea. As I visualized her description of the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery, I could immediately tell she was a seasoned collector with a keen eye for Lemax details. I had to laugh when she described, “if the Goblin Brewery and the Yulesteiner Brewery raised a baby in Ireland, it would be this distillery.” Since I designed both of those pieces, I figured I was the right artist for this job!

Coming up with a well-written plan is how I begin every building design process. Gretchen’s description was well thought out, unique, and told a story. Before I put pencil to paper, I like to have a back story and detail ideas—I appreciated her thoughtful approach. I particularly found her ideas for the lighting effects and soundtrack inventive. I could tell the concept was feasible and would create a well rounded and interesting piece that would be engaging to collectors. The copper whiskey vats and piping are visually impactful. The rotating whiskey bottles give the piece movement and interest and a party-like quality that adds to the soundtrack, also based on Gretchen’s spooky description and vision. The skeleton employees are working to death but still having fun. I was really inspired by my research—from abandoned asylums to industrial factories to actual whiskey distilleries—they lend themselves to horror theming. The spooky face on the wall is an amalgam of my favorite scary characters in film.

I really enjoyed working on this project, and I even learned quite a bit about how whiskey is made in the process.  Thanks, Gretchen, for the great winning idea—I’m looking forward to adding this piece to my personal village!.

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