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Enjoy a Countryside Christmas

by Lemax | Feb 05, 2015

Brilliant blue skies and crisp winter air greet visitors and villager who are preparing for a “Countryside Christmas.” Tradition runs strong in this town, but with a few modern touches to make life easier.

As you approach the village you’ll spot the slowly turning blades of the Harvest Valley Windmill (item #45678) from miles away across the plains. Be sure to take a guided tour to see how local grain is ground to meal using wind power. Next door is the snug and homey Ol’ Jed’s Homestead Cabin (item #45740), and example of a traditional log cabin that is still being used by visitors today.

Wander toward the center of town and you’ll see that the Winter Gazebo (item #43084) has already been decorated for the holidays. Right now it is occupied by some friendly local critters. But soon the village band will take the stage to serenade their neighbors with Christmas carols.

Watch your step when you pass by the Hidden Acres Tree Farm. You may hear excited children shouting Here Comes Our Tree (item #43070) as the proprietor buzzes up on his all terrain vehicle, hauling a fresh cut fir tree behind. Still others prefer to cut and carry their own trees home. Either way, the snow-dusted green trees will soon be decorated with lights and ornaments, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.