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Permission to come aboard, Captain?

by Lemax | May 07, 2015

It is written that sailors from the high seas ascribed supernatural powers to black cats, believing that they brought good luck. Sometimes, fishermen's wives would keep black cats at home too, in the hope that they would be able to use their influence to protect their husbands at sea.

If that’s the truth, then Spooky Town’s latest addition, the Haunted Houseboat (item #45666) might just be the luckiest vessel at the dock. From every direction, this nautical nightmare is met with the hiss and cry from its all black cat crew.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain?” Not on your life, screams the “Keep Out” and “Condemned” signs, nailed to the side of this abandoned cat boat. Collectors will love this new 2015 addition to Spooky Town, as the sights and sounds of this creaking, feline-infested vessel steal the show. If there’s any salvage hope for this cat boat left to be consumed by the high seas, it might just come in the form of the whimsical Born 2 B Wicked (item #53206) motorcycle-driving witch. In this new 2015 Spooky Town piece, the old hag has traded in her broomstick for a hip, two-wheeler complete with sidecar. You can almost hear the roar of the engine as she heads back out to the dock, with her perfectly perched pussycat along for the ride. Is she headed out to rescue the rest of the litter, or perhaps just the dropping off the next victim on the Haunted Houseboat? This fast-moving, motorcycle maven is just the piece to bring a sense of movement to your display, as her hair and unique blue-hued cape flap in the wind toward the mission-at-hand.

Of course, what better way to light her way than the Witch Lamp Post, Set of 2 (item #54914). These one-of-a-king road beacons are just the kind of streetlamps likely to be seen along Alley Cat Lane, or Withered Mansion Avenue. But look a bit closer and you’ll find that these wattage-filled witches will greet your Spooky Town visitors with a welcoming smile, lighting up the way.

The seafaring supernatural and scary has found a place with these new pieces to the Lemax collection. Collectors can easily add these to their favorite Withered Mansion (item #45662) with Spooky Trees Windblown (item #44775) handcrafted pieces. And if it’s more lucky black cats your sheba's and ships scene is looking for, then add some Halloween Cats, Set of 2 (item #12883) to complete your seaside masterpiece.
Sailors believed that if a black cat walks onto a ship and then walks off it, the ship is doomed to sink on its next trip. Those don’t sound like good odds for passengers aboard this Spooky Town vessel. Bon Voyage!

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