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Lemax 2015 Sit Down Figurines

by Lemax | Jul 06, 2015

New this year, will be will be a collection of sit-down figurines, a direct request from collectors, and being fulfilled as part of Lemax’s continued commitment to fan-based interaction through its website and various social media platforms. For longtime collectors, the ability to move figurines within a village, or perhaps to another display all together has been a suggestion that made the Lemax design team sit up and take notice.

The result is a variety of three new accessories and figurines. The first figurine is the mother and child called Bench Figures (item #52364) where they are playing a game of “horsey” or relaxing on a park bench (item #34617) in Vail Village.  The second is Chatting Together (item #52365) where a couple is chatting and bundled up for a brisk fall walk in the Caddington Village or Harvest Crossing.   The third is called a A Short Break (item #52366) where a women and her dog can be relaxing on the lawn in Plymouth Corners, or sitting on the stairs at the Oak Hill Pet Clinic (item #55957) waiting to see the local veterinarian.

These hand-crafted, top quality figurines will make a festive addition to any holiday display and can be interchanged to suit your needs season after season.  Look for more Sit Down figurines in the very near future.  And please let us know what sit down figurines you would like to see. 

Also in celebration of Lemax’s 25th Anniversary, collectors and fans are encouraged to share their stories and special memories of their Lemax experience. Please visit www.lemaxcollection.com/anniversary and leave your comments. All comments will then be placed in a time capsule that will be shown 25 years from today, in the year 2040, at Lemax’s 50th Anniversary.

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