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There Goes the Neighborhood - August News

by Lemax | Aug 13, 2015

Lemax’s Spooky Town has never been a safer place for haunted fun now that Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps (item# 55912) has moved into the neighborhood. So, as Lemax collectors make their plans for Halloween 2015, this new do-it-yourself store, that has everything you need to ensnare all those hard-to-catch criminal miscreants, will be center stage on holiday displays!

What better way to protect your mansion when you step out on a full moon than to make a quick stop to load up your shopping cart with spiked snares, barbed wire, rat traps, and cages. Zombies BEWARE! Werewolves BE WARNED! You could be the next capture from the dark side, now that Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps has open for business!

The main feature to this new addition to Spooky Town 2015 is a cage that slams down on a poor, unsuspecting werewolf. Then, the security spotlight zeros in on him with searchlight precision – you’ve been Boo-B-Trapped! And of course, no Lemax piece would be complete without those delightful sounds, like the howling "No Trespassing" and "I've got you where I want you" threats.  

Once your haunted home is secure, it’s time to head over to the Blood of The Vine Wine Cellar (item# 35500), by the light of Lemax’s popular Corpse Torches (2) (item# 04215).  Open from midnight to dawn, this Spooky Town late-night establishment has a Blood Tasting Room, offering guests the best in samplings. And nobody goes home empty handed, as their libations are offered by the bottle or the barrel!

And if a nip from the wine cellar doesn’t get your toes a tapping, then the sounds of the Skeleton Mariachi Band (3) (item# 12884) should do the trick. So grab the group, Masquerade Ball (2) (item# 32106), and head on over to the Graveyard Dance (item# 34601). There’s nothing dead about these dance moves as party revelers get their bones a-rattling “Every Full Moon, from Dusk till Dawn!”

As part of their Silver Anniversary celebration, Lemax will be offering Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps as a special addition to the 2015 Spooky Town collection. Similar to the rest of the company’s figurines, this unique piece is made with old-world craftsmanship, combined with the new-age technology that Lemax collectors have come to expect. This latest addition is one of 37 new products in the 2015 Spooky Town collection which is currently available in retail stores.

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There Goes the Neighborhood