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Meet me on corner of Coolsville and Hotrod Alley

by Lemax | Sep 18, 2015

Take a step back in time at Lemax’s Jukebox Junction where you and your friends can meet on the corner of Coolsville and Hotrod Alley, putting your memories center stage on this special Lemax display

This year, Lemax adds some nostalgic pieces to the Jukebox Junction collection that’s sure to put some extra  Bop into your favorite 1950s-themed.
“No Need to Run from Dirt” down at the corner Coin-O-Matic Laundromat (item# 55966) where it only costs a quarter to get your duds ready for some fun on the town. This wash-n-dry joint is reminiscent of the old corner Laundromats which acted as a social hub to make plans for another unforgettable Saturday night.

And if you’re looking for a place to spend all those quarters you saved on laundry, then head on down to Lemax’s Jukebox Junction which anchors this display of the swinging days of a simpler time. Do the lindy! Bop ‘til you drop!
Recall your favorite After the Sock Hop (2) (item# 52338) moment with this hand painted figurine made with old-world craftsmanship, combined with the new-age technology that Lemax collectors have come to expect. Once you’ve boogie-woogied you way into her heart, walk her home under the light of an old-fashioned street lamp, maybe even stopping for a sweet treat along the way. 
If you’re in the mood for some frosty treat made from all natural ingredients then a stop at Frosty Floats-n-Sundaes (item# 55968) is a must! Whether it’s served in a frosty mug or in a banana split boat with a heap of whipped cream, with 60- flavors to choose from, there’ something for everyone!

As part of their Silver Anniversary celebration, Lemax offers this unique piece, These New in 2015 additions are s currently available in retail stores. 
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