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Spooky Town's Haunted Home Tour

by Lemax | Oct 25, 2015

Think of it as adult Trick or Treating with a frightful twist that will have your Spooky Town display bringing guests back for seconds! It’s that time of year, so join your ghoulish guide for a late evening stroll through Spooky Town's Haunted Home Tour.

This Halloween season, Spooky Town Tours invites you to explore our premier “frightseeing” tour. Prepare yourself for an evening of fun, scares, and ghost stories as you wind your way through the crooked streets, lined with Witch Lamps Posts and – new this year – a row of Hellfire Hydrants, guaranteed to frighten off even the neighbors dogs!

Along the way, the eerie and unexplained stories from the town’s rough and uncertain past will be told, but remain unexplained! This fascinating display starts off with a visit to the Mt. Gloom Observatory – “where what you see is what you get” howls are accompanied by rattling chains and flashing lights.

Wander past the town’s most haunted site: the Graveyard Scene. The creaking doors of the mausoleum will have visitors looking over their shoulders as, the caw of the midnight crow calls out to the magnificent lightening flashes in the background. Walk among the dead whose mortal remains lie deep beneath your feet. Maybe even pick up a graveside memorial beforehand at the Spooktacular Boo-quets Shop.

Venture on to the Spooky Hollow Pumpkin Patch, which offers the harvest treats planted just beside the Dilapidated Barn. As the evening hours creep in watch out for the spirits strolling among the living in Spooky Town! Because what used to be the edge of town, will now set visitors on edge as the tour journeys out into never before seen All Hallows Mausoleum, visiting with the dead in burying grounds thousands of years old.

Travel through lonely crossroads, as the howls and screams of your one-of-a-kind Lemax display sends shivers down even the bravest soul’s spine! This haunted Spooky Town tour ends, upside down at your Cave Sweet Cave, where vampires tuck in their capes for the night, only to rise again at the next sunset to guide ghosts and goblins on the next Haunted Home Tour!

As part of their Silver Anniversary celebration, Lemax offers these unique Spooky Town pieces, with all the handcrafted details collectors have come to expect over the years. Lemax collectors and fans can stay connected with the latest Lemax news on a variety of platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

Spooky Town's Haunted Home Tour