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New for 2016 Lemax Spooky Town Collection

by Lemax | Apr 01, 2016

For Lemax collectors, there is no foolin on April 1st, as it marks the official release of the 2016 Spooky Town Collection. New this year are some pieces that will have collectors cueing up the carnival music and adding these items to their Spooky Town display!

From the new "Creepy Clown Academy" to the “Bump In The Night” Spooky Town Bumper Car ride, longtime collectors can already hear the “step right up ladies and germs!” catcalls of Spooky Town carnival pitchmen. And like any good carnival, for the little ones it’s all about the whimsical “Scary-Go-Round,” providing hours of horrific fun for the kiddos.

For Lemax collectors looking to add that special piece - or two - to their ever-expanding display, then the Bloody Belfry and the Zombie Fortress are sure to put the “oooo” in your Spooky Town 2016.

At the Zombie Fortress a towering congregation of creatures from another world cries out for help.  And if the four story building doesn’t give an added dimension to your Spooky Town display, the attached hot air balloon loaded with apocalyptic creatures will, as it circles the fortress of unfortunate screams.

For fans preferring a more skeletal theme, the Bloody Belfry will bring the crowning addition to your display. The bell tolls for lost souls, welcoming visitors, “Good evening, perhaps you’d like to chime right in.” This new Spooky Town 2016 piece is a dead ringer for your collection!

Spooky Spoiler Alert! Lemax’s Banshee’s Boo-B-Traps will be available for online purchase for a limited time through the Lemax website. This special fan-created piece from the Spooky Town 2015 collection is a do-it-yourself store for all those hard-to-catch criminal miscreants of the night.  Think of Banshee’s as the one-stop-shop for all your haunted house security needs. Load up your shopping cart with spiked snares, barbed wire, rat traps, and cages. And of course, no Lemax piece would be complete without those delightful sounds, like the howling "No Trespassing" and "I've got you where I want you" threats.  

Lemax has been helping collectors create stories and build displays for more than a quarter century. Sharing the stories of these magical, make-believe communities is part of that success. In fact, collectors often tout the fan interaction of sharing display ideas as one of the highlights to being a part of the Lemax family. Become a part of the fun and stay connected with the latest Lemax news on a variety of platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube.

New 2016 Spooky Town