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Lemax Village Collection – What’s New for 2017?

by Lemax | Apr 09, 2017

For the first time ever, Lemax is thrilled to announce its yearly additions to the Halloween and Christmas village collections at the same time!
Whether you’re adding to your spook-tacular Halloween display, or setting the scene early for Christmas, you won’t want to miss the 2017 additions to our holiday collections.

Spooky Town 2017

As ghosts and ghouls start to awaken from their summer slumbers, we’re excited to unveil our newest 2017 additions to the Spooky Town Lemax village collection. This Halloween village is the perfect way to decorate for trick-or-treaters, or to terrify your guests at this year’s Halloween party.
Some of the spine-tingling 2017 additions to the Spooky Town collection include:
• The Zombie Plane Ride is a hair-raising take on a carnival classic
• At the Dead Fraternity House, the zombie party never dies down
• Only the bravest souls will make it past the ghosts at the Trick or Treat House
From haunted mansions, to creepy cemeteries, this year’s new collectables will make your Halloween village as bone-chilling as ever. Discover the latest and ghastliest additions to the Spooky Town 2017 village collection now!

Christmas 2017

In many households, putting together your Lemax Christmas village is as much of a family tradition as decorating the tree, or leaving cookies out for Santa—and this year’s additions are as cheerful as ever.
The 2017 Christmas village collection additions are highlighted by:
• The whirring conveyor belts of the Vintage Coffee Grind Company
• The warm popping sounds of Bell’s Gourmet Popcorn Factory
• The spinning, revolving Cocoa Cups of the Sugar N’ Spice village It's never too soon to get in the holiday spirit! To explore our entire offering of holiday cheer, view all new 2017 Lemax holiday village collectables now.

What New for 2017