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Lemax Retired Products catalogs all the Lemax products that have been developed

Lemax Retired Products

When a product is retired, they are no longer being manufactured. However you may be able to find some retailers still carrying the product, so act fast! 

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While some products were retired within of year of production, others have lasted for 10 - 12 years. Many factors are considered when retiring a product such as the product category and strength of sales. While the list is not fully complete, it does currently contain over 3000 products dating from 1992 from 2015. Take a look at your collection and you may find that you own several retired but valuable pieces!

    Retired Categories

    Sugar and Spice
    Since 2004, Lemax Sugar N Spice has always been a sweet-tooth among collectors. Although in 2007, the entire collection was phased out it has, in 2016 it was reintroduced by popular demand.
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    Spooky Town
    Starting in 2000, Lemax introduced Spookytown and captured a new audience while enticing their current collectors with something fresh and new!
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    Lemax Retired Products
    Since the 1990, Lemax has been slowly growing their holiday and seasonal line. From the traditional Dicken's look, Caddington, to the countryside classic Harvest Crossing.
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