The Cursed Cuckoo Haus
The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

Lemax Contest Winner, 2017.
You Name It. We Create It.

Straight from the spookiest corner of the Black Forest comes this wicked twist on the traditional cuckoo clock!

New for 2019 - The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

The Cursed Cuckoo Haus was the big winner of the 2017 “You Name it. We Create It.” Halloween design contest—an annual social media contest where Lemax fans submit their own ideas for the next Lemax creation.

This year’s incredible winning entry was submitted by Mark Cheever, a resident of Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania.

Mark’s entry “The Cursed Cuckoo Haus” wouldn’t stop ringing in our heads, impressing the judges for its creative spin on a cuckoo clock. And now, we’ve brought it to life for our 2019 Spooky Town collection.

About The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

The Cursed Cuckoo Haus is full of spooky sights and sounds that make the perfect addition to your Halloween village collection. Or, if you don’t have a village yet, it can act as a standalone cuckoo clock to decorate your home on Halloween.

The green witch’s hands of the Cursed Cuckoo Haus clock spin in reverse as the clock strikes every 30 seconds. When the clock strikes, a bell lights up and the ugly witch that inhabits the clock menacingly pops her head out of her decrepit home.

Three grim reapers circle on a track that revolves in and out of the Haus as a green light casts an eerie glow.

It will have your head spinning! 

Below is the original entry from Mark that started it all.

Entry Title:  The Cursed Cuckoo Haus
Straight from the spookiest corner of the Black Forest, comes this wicked twist on the traditional cuckoo clock!  But, instead of the classic bird , this 'Haus' (German for house) is home to a shriveled up old witch who--every thirty seconds or so--opens the carved wooden door above the clock face, leans out and gives a terrifying cackle to visitors below! Imagine the classic cuckoo clock--a sloping, A-frame roof covered in thick, rounded shingles.  The outer walls are covered in foreboding wood carvings inspired by the forest setting --oak leaves, skulls, mischievous spirits and demonic wild boars--and all are lit from below with green and purple lighting. The possessed clock hands move very slowly in opposite directions, either never stopping or stopping periodically.   The main door at ground level (below the clock face) is closed but eerie lights can be seen coming through the door's small window.   Optional: on each side of the small witches door (near the top of the A frame) are two additional doorways which are always open.  Within the shadowy arches lurk two grim reapers (one on each side) which--like in the traditional cuckoo clock--pass through the archways on the hour (or every 30 seconds ;)) 
Other adornments could include: large pine trees on each side of the house (eluding to the forest surroundings), a wolf lurking in the shadows, glowing jack o lanterns, ravens, and a bat weathervane on the roof. A whimsical chimney and gingerbread-style windows round out the design.

Mark Cheever

Mark Cheever

"I can’t thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to see an idea come to life in such a big way! Seeing it actually on sale alongside other Spooky Town houses will be surreal "

Mark Cheever. Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania USA. 

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