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The Cursed Cuckoo Haus
The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

Lemax Contest Winner, 2017.
You Name It. We Create It.

How's it's Made

Every wonder how a Lemax collectible is made? Here's a look at how The Cursed Cuckoo Haus was created from start to finish.

Check it out!

First, a Lemax artist draws a detailed sketch of the building, as described by the Cuckoo Haus contest entry. Then, a liquid mixture is solidified into a block cast.

Then, the sculptor gets to work. The block is sawed into shape to emulate the basic shape of a cuckoo clock. Then, the sculptor carves out the details of the roof, including intricate shingles. Next, more details are carved out of side of the clock.

Next, the cast is used to create a mold for the Cuckoo Haus. The mold is made to perfectly replicate the same initial carving over and over again. Once the mold is complete, a resin mixture is made into a plastic replica of the initial carving.

From there, additional carvings are made in the new copy to ensure every last detail is perfect!. Then, the building is hand-painted with vibrant colors to give it a lifelike feel.

Then, the magic happens. The internal machinery that brings the Cuckoo Haus to life is put in place, including all the necessary electronics. A few dabs of glue closes everything up, and there you have it.

Voila. A perfectly made Cuckoo Haus.