Lemax Harvest Crossing Collection
Lemax Harvest Crossing Collection

Harvest Crossing

Blessings abound in Harvest Crossing—the heartland community representing the heart and soul of the American hometown.

Rich in community and resources, the Harvest Crossings Village Collection features a warm architectural style that welcomes old friends and newcomers alike. With buildings ranging from farmhouses to exquisite barns, wishing wells, and stone mills, this collection brings back the good old days: A nostalgic look back at simpler times.

Harvest Crossing New 2021

Farm Fresh Vegetable Trailer

Product Details

SKU#: 13565
The Farm Fresh Vegetable Trailer is fully set up and open for business. This trusty trailer has a wooden structure with a tin roof and a sign that says "Farm Fresh". There are four bins set up with tomatoes, peas, eggplants, and zucchinis. This vegetable stand doesn't have someone tending it, so it works on the honor system. If you don't have the correct change, put in what you have and settle up next time!
  • Approx. size (H x W x D)
    4.53 x 4.33 x 3.23 inches
    11.5 x 11 x 8.2 cm
  • Year Released: 2021
  • Made of: Polyresin
  • Product type: Table Accent
  • Electrical: Non-Electrical
Standard Feature