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Welcome to Lemax, a worldwide leader in collectible villages

Lemax is an important part of the world of holiday villages. The Lemax Village Collection showcases our continued commitment to spreading the spirit of the holidays to people around the world.

About Lemax

Since our founding in 1990, Lemax has been at the forefront of the rapidly growing pastime of lighted villages. From a modest selection of quaint lighted houses, our collection has expanded to encompass a world of houses, figurines and accessories. Collectors from across the globe have discovered the fun and fulfillment of decorating their homes with their own Lemax village. Our selection of enchanting houses, landscaping, accessories and figurines offers something for everyone, from serious village collectors to casual holiday decorators. We offer a high quality alternative to collectors who have devoted years to building lavish village displays, and an affordable entry point to new collectors. Collectors rave about the detail that goes into each and every Lemax village piece, along with the value and quality we deliver. Take a "tour" through our Village Collection and you'll quickly be captivated by the charming delights of life in our miniature world.


Lemax is a brand known for its miniature village collectibles, including Christmas villages and themed displays. It is not associated with a specific country, as it is a brand that produces and sells its products internationally. The company originated in the United States, but its products are available and enjoyed by collectors worldwide.
Yes, Department 56 and Lemax miniature village collectibles are often compatible and can be used together in the same holiday display. While each brand has its own unique style and design aesthetic, many collectors enjoy mixing and matching buildings, figurines, and accessories from both Department 56 and Lemax to create diverse and interesting village scenes. However, the scales of the houses and figurines are different.
Lemax miniature village collectibles, including their houses and figurines, are typically mass-produced using manufacturing processes. However each house and figurine is typically individually hand-painted, even the eyebrows and eyes of each figurine.
Lemax offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. However, conditions do apply. 1. First contact the retailer for a replacement or refund. Lemax continually works with our retailers to ensure their customer needs are met. This should be your first solution to resolving the issue. If the authorized retailer is out of stock on these items, we would recommend returning them for a refund then re-acquiring the items from another retailer. Though we cannot offer exact product availability information, we do offer links to Lemax Authorized Retailers at our website www.lemaxcollection.com under the section called “Where to Buy”. 2. If the retailer is unable to assist you and you purchase the product within 1 year, please submit a ticket to us and we may be able to assist you. Please note that Lemax does not carry inventory of all items, but we may be able to help you with your replacement. *Before contacting Lemax for replacement support, you will need the following items ready: Your original receipt reflects a purchase date within 18-months of the date of request The Lemax product you are needing assistance with Its original Lemax packaging Please note that Lemax items that have been retired are no longer being produced and replacement parts are not available. In addition, Lemax would consider merchandise purchased on clearance/closeout to be considered “as is” merchandise. Lemax would not offer any additional recourse for those items at this time.
The Lemax Product Line does not have a standard “scale” as in the model railroad sense. Our buildings, figurines and accessories are of all shapes and sizes. Please review specific product details such as Height, Width, and Depth measurements. Lemax buildings are mainly in the 1/64 to 1/48 range. A rare few are scaled larger. They are closest in scale to O, O27, ON30 and S gauge trains. Lemax Figurines tend to be about 60mm scale, which is closest in scale to G and Standard Gauge.
Before you contact Lemax, please review the Lemax Support website at https://support.lemaxcollection.com/support/home" as you may find the answer to your question(s) quicker than having to wait for a reply. Typical replies take 5 to 7 business days. If you still need to contact Lemax, the best way to contact Lemax is by using the contact form located https://www.lemaxcollection.com/information/contact-us, Please make sure to include your email address if you want Lemax to contact you back.
Lemax products, like other consumer goods, are generally designed and manufactured with safety considerations in mind. They are intended for use as decorative items, particularly in miniature village displays. Lemax products are not children’s toys and children should be supervised by an adult when handling Lemax products. However, it's important for consumers to follow safety guidelines and use the products as intended. Here are some considerations: Small Parts Warning: Many Lemax products, especially figurines and accessories, may contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard, especially for young children. Always follow any age recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Electrical Safety: Some Lemax buildings may have lighting features that require electrical power. Ensure that you follow safety guidelines related to electrical components, such as using the correct voltage and following any instructions provided by Lemax. Flame Safety: If Lemax products are used with lighting accessories or near candles, exercise caution to prevent fire hazards. Keep flammable materials away from open flames and heat sources. Proper Use: Use Lemax products as intended. While they are designed for creating decorative displays, avoid using them in ways that could pose safety risks or damage the products. If you have specific safety concerns or questions about a particular Lemax product, it's advisable to check the product packaging, documentation, or contact Lemax customer support for more information. Additionally, following general safety practices when displaying and handling decorative items can contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience.
Lemax was founded in 1990 and has since been a market leader in the fast-growing market of illuminated villages. Where it once started with a selection of picturesque illuminated houses, the collection currently consists of different themes with houses, figurines and accessories.
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