Lemax Caddington Collection
Lemax Caddington Collection


Get ready for an electrifying leap into the extraordinary as Lemax once again redefines the pinnacle of technology and thrill! Brace yourselves, collectors and miniature enthusiasts, both seasoned and new, for an awe-inspiring showcase of over 181 Halloween and Christmas masterpieces unleashed in our latest marvel – the Lemax Christmas and Spooky Town 2024 Holiday Villages.

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2024 Featured Christmas Village Houses

Dive into the festive enchantment with 6 dazzling new Sights & Sounds, 51 illuminating Lighted Buildings, 22 captivating Table Accents, 32 delightful figurines, 3 architectural marvel in the form of a new façades, and a treasure trove of other unparalleled accessories and landscaping wonders. This year’s crown jewel? None other than the show-stopping Santa's Wonderland Sights & Sounds Castle, Santa's Castle Gala, with it's dynamic movement, flickering candles, and a soundtrack that transforms any Santa's Wonderland piece into a heaven of joy and excitement.

Curate your holiday wonderland with Lemax’s 2024 offerings! Use the Advanced Search page to seamlessly explore and discover the entire collection by selecting the year released to 2024 to see all products by Village and Category. As always, we would like to hear which pieces you liked or did not like, or any other feedback you might have. Share your thoughts on social media or contact us directly.

Caddinton Village 


The elegance of the Victorian Era, with detailed architecture and colorful daily life.

  •  Christmas Cake Factory

    Christmas Cake Factory

  • Christmas at the Park Pavilion

    Christmas at the Park Pavilion

  • Caddington Regional Railroad

    Caddington Regional Railroad

  • Jingle Bell Bazaar

    Jingle Bell Bazaar


Harvest Crossing Village 


Harvest Crossing represents the heart and soul of the American hometown.

  • Candy Galore & More

    Candy Galore & More

  • The Pet Kingdom

    The Pet Kingdom

  •  Deb’s Farm-N-Floral

    Deb’s Farm-N-Floral

  • Pearl's Preserves

    Pearl's Preserves


Plymouth Corners 

Plymouth Corners

Plymouth Corners replicates a seaside New England village, from the working docks up through the commerce-filled streets.

  • Northstar Cape Harbor Master House

    Northstar Cape Harbor Master House


Santa's Wonderland 

Santa's Wonderland

Its vivid buildings and delightful figurines capture the true spirit of the holiday season bringing out the happy child in all of us.

  • Santa's Castle Gala

    Santa's Castle Gala

  • North Pole Outfitters

    North Pole Outfitters

  • Li'l Murph's Sleigh S

    Li'l Murph's Sleigh S

  • Dasher's Den

    Dasher's Den


Vail Village 

Vail Village

Vail Village is perfectly suited for the town’s natural terrain and winter weather.

  • Bear Creek Chapel

    Bear Creek Chapel

  • Artist's Lofts

    Artist's Lofts

  •  Brown Buffalo Trading Post

    Brown Buffalo Trading Post

  • The Melted Snowflake

    The Melted Snowflake


Sugar N Spice Village 

Sugar 'N Spice

Welcome to the sweetest little holiday village you'll ever find!

  • Cookie's Waffle Café

    Cookie's Waffle Café

  • Wendy's Wedding Cakes

    Wendy's Wedding Cakes

  •  Sweet Sounds

    Sweet Sounds

  • Snowshoe Walkers

    Snowshoe Walkers


General Products

General Products

All are part of the world of Lemax, allowing you to recapture the delight and wonder of a simpler time filled with childhood memories.

  • Christmas Cats

    Christmas Cats

  • Ski Van

    Ski Van

  • Music Festival

    Music Festival

  • Girls Soccer Game

    Girls Soccer Game


Carnival Village

General Products

From the games of the midway to the motion of the rides, our Carnival is sure to capture the imagination of friends and family.

  • The Spin Out

    The Spin Out

  • Caravan

    Caravan Music Festival


2024 Christmas Village Product Categories

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