Lemax Caddington Collection
Lemax Caddington Collection

Caddington Village

Christmas is always just around the corner in Caddington Village—Lemax's most popular village—where exquisite architecture and colorful apparel bring to life memories of holidays past.

The warmth from glowing faces and shop windows bring tidings of joy to the Christmas season. Lemax Caddington Village collectors can choose from a wide arrangement of inviting cottages, cathedrals, carriages and sleighs, village accessories, and opera houses that add elegant, Victorian Era charm to this holiday village.

Caddington Collection New 2021

Parson'S Bindery & Books

Product Details

SKU#: 15762
Parson's Bindery and Books is designed for reading lovers. This Victorian-style building is hosting a holiday reading event tonight! Signs advertise thousands of books inside, while a wagon sits outside, advertising a 2 for 1 book exchange. There's also a decorated Christmas tree with an angel topper and a mini library with free books. On the right side of the building, there's even a traditional book binding machine. At the peak of the roof is an open book, inviting you to come on in and read!
  • Approx. size (H x W x D)
    6.57 x 7.24 x 5.47 inches
    16.7 x 18.4 x 13.9 cm
  • Year Released: 2021
  • Made of: Porcelain
  • Product type: Lighted Building
  • Control switch: On/Off switch
  • Electrical: With 1.83m cord (6 feet) or with LED light cord with battery box or with LED light cord with adaptor
Lighted Feature