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Large Cobblestone Mat

Product Details

Title: Large Cobblestone Mat
SKU#: 24001
Description: This Large Cobblestone Mat is a simple and effective way to add old school charm and character to your Lemax Village scene. Measuring 91cm by 46cm, the mat is large enough to be the base for a huge section of town. You would be amazed by how much a simple flooring choice can totally transform your buildings and figurines to make them look more authentic.
  • Approx. size (H x W x D)
    0.04 x 35.98 x 17.99 inches
    0.1 x 91.4 x 45.7 cm
  • Year Released: 2022
  • Made of: Plastic
  • Product type: Landscaping
  • Electrical: Non-Electrical
  • Village: General Products