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What's New for 2019
Lemax Collection New Villages

Lemax Christmas Villages

Lemax Christmas Villages

Christmas memories last a lifetime. Make 2019 a year to remember with the latest Lemax holiday village collectibles. Start a family Christmas tradition with the Lemax Village Collection today!

What new discoveries will 2019 bring? Explore the latest additions to our Lemax Holiday Villages, including new the elegant Christmas Ballet, the whimsical Kringle's Cottage, the joyful The Giant Wheel, and the showstopper North Pole Tower.

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Christmas Villages - New for 2019

The 2019 Lemax Collection has arrived! Hundreds of new items have been added to our ever-growing selection of Christmas and Halloween village collectibles.

Lemax Holiday Christmas villages are now a mainstay in thousands of homes across the world, and 2019 is a fresh opportunity for new memories, new experiences, and new Lemax holiday collectibles that your family will absolutely love.

For Carnival village lovers, we're proud to add two new Sights & Sounds pieces, the Giant Wheel and Yuletide Carousel.

For your wintery Christmas villages, there are many new festive additions, like the Christmas Ballet and  Kringle’s Cottage, and more.

For Spooky Town Halloween village collectors, 2019 brings several haunting additions, including Graveyard Party, the Crazy Clown Express, and the Symphony of Screams.

And if you're looking for retired Spooky Town products, we've added new items to the list for 2019.

We can’t wait for you to discover the hundreds of new potential additions to your Lemax village collection!

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2019 Featured Products


The elegance of the Victorian Era, with its detailed architecture and colorful daily life.

  • Christmas Ballet

    Christmas Ballet

  • Cozy Cottage

    Cozy Cottage

  • St. Matthew's Church

    St. Matthew's Church

  • Tuscany Hills

    Tuscany Hills



Harvest Crossing represents the heart and soul of the American hometown.

  • Country Lane Cottage

    Country Lane Cottage

  • Hillcrest Community Church

    Hillcrest Community Church

  • The Hop Stop

    The Hop Stop

  • Lulu's Bakery & Cafe

    Lulu's Bakery & Cafe



Welcome to the sweetest little holiday village you'll ever find!

  • Gummies & More Candy Store

    Gummies & More Candy Store

  • Ginger's Pie Shop

    Ginger's Pie Shop

  • Cinnaswirl Cabin

    Cinnaswirl Cabin



Jukebox Junction brings back the nostalgia of the fabulous '50s.

  • Big Bite Sandwiches

    Big Bite Sandwiches

  • Motorcycle

  • Walts Malts

    Walt's Malts


vail village

Vail Village is perfectly suited for the town’s natural terrain and winter weather.

  • Cabin Canteen

    Cabin Canteen

  • Mountain High Adventure Tours

    Mountain High Adventure Tours

  • Pine Peak Retreat

    Pine Peak Retreat

  • Our Tiny House

    Our Tiny House



Recreating the sights and sounds that have enchanted generations of carnival goers.

  • Yuletide Carousel

    Yuletide Carousel

  • The Giant Wheel

    The Giant Wheel

  • Prize Winners

    Prize Winners

  • Sharing Cotton Candy

    Sharing Cotton Candy


Plymouth Corners

Plymouth Corners replicates a seaside New England village, from the working docks up through the commerce-filled streets.

  • Lobster Shack Lighthouse

    Lobster Shack Lighthouse

  • She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop

    She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop

  • V8 Service Plaza

    V8 Service Plaza

  • Seawind Cottage

    Seawind Cottage


Santa's Wonderland

Its vivid buildings and delightful figurines capture the true spirit of the holiday season bringing out the happy child in all of us.

  • Kringle's Cottage

    Kringle's Cottage

  • Naughty Or Nice Santa

    Naughty Or Nice Santa

  • Mrs. Claus Cookies

    Mrs. Claus Cookies

  • Sugar Plum Bakery

    Sugar Plum Bakery


General Products

All are part of the world of Lemax, allowing you to recapture the delight and wonder of a simpler time filled with childhood memories.

  • Lobster Shack Lighthouse

    Lobster Shack Lighthouse

  • She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop

    She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop

  • V8 Service Plaza

    V8 Service Plaza

  • Seawind Cottage

    Seawind Cottage


Exclusive Products

Lemax is proud to offer product exclusives through our preferred retail partners Kmart, Michaels, Sears, and Gift Spice.

  • Michaels Exclusive


  • Kmart


  • Sears


  • Sugar Plum Bakery

    Gift Spice


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