What's New for 2018

Lemax Collection 2018

Christmas memories last a lifetime. Make 2018 a year to remember with the latest Lemax holiday village collectables.  Start a family Christmas tradition with Lemax Village Collection today!

Lemax Collection 2018

Christmas memories last a lifetime. Make 2018 a year to remember with the latest Lemax holiday village collectables.  Start a family Christmas tradition with Lemax Village Collection today!

Lemax Collection New Villages

Ring in the 2018 holiday season with the stunning Garden Ballroom, the whirring Elf Made Toy Factory, or the glowing lights of the New Majestic Christmas Tree. We can’t wait to see what you unwrap!

What's New for 2018


Elf Made Toy Factory

New this year is the Elf Made Toy Factory, an inspiration piece from Lemax Contest Winner Paul Sellars of Hervey Bay Australia. In 2015, Paul won the Lemax Contest called "You Name It. We Create It".  Click on the button below to read more about Paul's winning entry.

Check It Out!

It’s the most exciting time of year: it’s time to get back in the holiday spirit with your beloved Lemax village collection. In 2018, we have hundreds of new collectibles that we can’t wait to share with you.

We know the holidays are your favorite time of year—because we love the holidays too! 2018 is a time for new memories, new experiences, and new Lemax holiday collectibles that your family will absolutely love. From the creepy, crawly creatures of the popular Spooky Town Halloween village, to the beautiful sights and sounds of snow-capped Christmas village collectibles, you’ll be certain to find the special item that brings fresh new life to your cherished collection. And we can’t wait to tell you about them!

If you’re in the mood for a scream, check out Spooky Town’s Ghost Around: a whirling thrill ride of ghostly shrieks. Try not to be spooked at the Mad Pumpkin Patch, or if you want to try your luck at gambling, take a trip to the Crypt Casino—but you may have to bet your life! Even the Grim Reaper himself needs a tune up at the Reaper Motorcycle Co., or a quick drink at the Broken Skull Bar. We’ve also added a ton of eerie residences to Spooky Town for 2018, including Hollowgraves Manor, Witch and Warlock Residence, Creepy Cabin, and the Squash Shack. There’s more than enough new additions to put a chill in your spine!

For your wintery Christmas villages, the whirring conveyor belts of the Elf Made Toy Factory are sure to get the imagination stirring, and you can practically smell the warm cookies baking in Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen. Your guests will be dazzled by the dancers in the charming Garden Ballroom, while the North Pole railway adds a delightful sense of motion as it winds through your village. And of course, no village is complete without the stunning centerpiece of the New Majestic Christmas Tree, complete with glowing lights.

And let’s not forget the new collection of table-top accessories, including the Gingerbread Skating Pond, the Victorian Park Gateway, Prancing Reindeer, or the fun Countdown Clock Tower.

We can’t wait for you to dive into our 2018 Lemax collection to discover the hundreds of new potential additions to your wonderful Lemax village collection!

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2018 Featured Products


The elegance of the Victorian Era, with its detailed architecture and colorful daily life.

  • The Garden Ballroom

    The Garden Ballroom

  • The Grand Carousel

    The Grand Carousel

  • The Sky Swing

    The Sky Swing

  • Papas Pasta Place

    Papas Pasta Place



Centered on the bounty of the land, Harvest Crossing represents the heart and soul of the American hometown.

  • Henrys Christmas Tree Farm

    Henrys Christmas Tree Farm

  • Draft Bros Home Brewing Supplies

    Draft Bros Home Brewing Supplies

  • Berryville Bus Depot

    Berryville Bus Depot

  • Stone Creek Cinema

    Stone Creek Cinema



Welcome to the sweetest little holiday village you'll ever find!

  • Gingerbread Skating Pond

    Gingerbread Skating Pond

  • Delightful Dip Chocolate Shop

    Delightful Dip Chocolate Shop

  • Cinnaswirl Cabin

    Cinnaswirl Cabin

  • Campfire Cookies

    Campfire Cookies



Jukebox Junction brings back the nostalgia of the 1950's.

  • Percys Paints

    Percys Paints

  • Motorcycle

  • Pie In The Sky Bakery

  • Shake And Shimmy, Set Of 3


vail village

Vail Village is perfectly suited for the town’s natural terrain and winter weather.

  • Gerrys Hamburger Joint

    Gerrys Hamburger Joint

  • Alpine Lodge Pet Retreat

    Alpine Lodge Pet Retreat

  • Lone Pine Christmas Decorations

    Lone Pine Christmas Decorations

  • Silent Night Stable

    Silent Night Stable



Recreating the sights and sounds that have enchanted generations of carnival goers.

  • The Shooting Star

  • Berry Brothers Big Top

  • Santa Carousel

  • Round Up


Plymouth Corners

Plymouth Corners replicates a New England seaside village, from the working docks up through the commerce-filled streets.

  • Lifeguard Station

    Lifeguard Station

  • Sea Spray Sailing School

    Sea Spray Sailing School

  • St. Elmos Brasserie

    St. Elmos Brasserie

  • Sally'S Salt Water Taffy

    Sally'S Salt Water Taffy


Santa's Wonderland

The fanciful Santa’s Wonderland has long been a favorite of Lemax collectors.

  • Elf Made Toy Factory

    Elf Made Toy Factory

  • The Elf Workshop

    The Elf Workshop

  • Mrs Claus Kitchen

    Mrs Claus Kitchen

  • The Claus Cottage

    The Claus Cottage



New This year - Michaels Summer Americana

Michales Summer Americana