What's New for 2021
Lemax Collection New Villages

Lemax New for 2021

Lemax Christmas Villages

Christmas memories last a lifetime. New 2021 Lemax Christmas village collectibles have a fresh look that will inspire Lemax collectors to create new traditions their families will cherish for years to come.

Lemax Village Collections are back this year with new designs and buildings to refresh and update your holiday and Christmas villages.
Explore the 2021 Lemax Collection with exciting new Christmas village houses and additions to Santa's Wonderland, Spooky Town, Plymouth Corners, and all your other favorite Lemax villages.

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New for 2021

What's New for 2021

The holiday season is about getting together with friends and family to reflect fondly on memories from years past.   At Lemax, we are honored and privileged to be invited into your home for yet another year of holiday celebration.
This year, we've added over 175+ new items with 2 more smoking chimneys, a real Christmas clock, and for our Spooky Town fans, the winner from the 2019 social media contest You Name It We Create It, the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery.  We hope that you feel like a kid again as you view these new pieces.

New for each collection:

New this year are eight new Sights & Sounds pieces for Holiday and Christmas, with three of these coming over from being a Michaels 2020 Exclusive.   The North Pole Mail Room and the Friendly Forest Clockworks (real clock) are two amazing pieces for Santa's Wonderland.  The Winterhaus Resort in Vail Village and the Santa's Sleigh Spinners for Carnival Village will add some fun and excitement to any holiday village. In contrast, the Christmas Cheer Carousel in Caddington Village will add some elegance to any village.   Released in 2020 but new for Lemax Retailers is Tinseltown Plaza, Sugar Plum Dance Company, and Tannenbaum Clock Tower (real clock).   If you wish to add some special effects to your village this year,  Yonder Peak Ski & snowboard School and Thicket Falls Cabin offer the new "smoking chimney" effect.   
Not necessarily new this year but is considered "Version 2" is the Round-Up, The Shooting Star, A Christmas Carol Play, Santa's Workshop, and the Village Skating Pond with Sound.  These pieces have been recently updated with new mechanics but still, have the same features.

For Spooky Town fans, there are almost 40 new pieces.  Three new Sights & Sounds, including the Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery, winner of the 2019 contest "You Name It. We Create It", Point Dread Lighthouse, and Web of Terror Ferris Wheel.  These new Sights & Sounds will surely be a big hit this year for Halloween fans.  There are also six new Spooky Town Lighted Buildings, eight new Table Accessories, fifteen new Figurines, and a new Spooky Town Display Platform.

Whether you prefer to celebrate Christmases of decades past with Caddington Village, Harvest Crossing or Jukebox Junction, you opt for the realism of Vail Village and Plymouth Corners, or you'd rather get lost in the fantasy lands of Sugar n' Spice or Santa's Wonderland --- there's a themed collection for everyone.

Please continue to check back often as we will be updating existing products with new features, dimensions and special notes to help you find that one piece you'll fall in love with forever.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe 2021.  Thank you for being a Lemax Fan.

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Lemax 2021 Christmas Holiday Catalog Lemax 2021 Spooky Town Holiday Catalog

2021 Featured Christmas Village Products

Caddinton Village 


The elegance of the Victorian Era, with its detailed architecture and colorful daily life.

  • Christmas Cheer Carousel

    Christmas Cheer Carousel

  • Tannenbaum Clock Tower

    Tannenbaum Clock Tower

  • Christmas Supply Loft

    Christmas Supply Loft

  • Cooper’s Cottage

    Cooper’s Cottage

Harvest Crossing Village 


Harvest Crossing represents the heart and soul of the American hometown.

  • Renegade Roadhouse

    Renegade Roadhouse

  • Willow Creek Equestrian Center

    Willow Creek Equestrian Center

  • Talent Contest at Flanagan's Barn

    Talent Contest at Flanagan's Barn

  • Clydesdale Tractor & Farm Equipment

    Clydesdale Tractor & Farm Equipment


Plymouth Corners 

Plymouth Corners

Plymouth Corners replicates a seaside New England village, from the working docks up through the commerce-filled streets.

  • Jonathan's Houseboat On The Bay

    Jonathan's Houseboat On The Bay

  • The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter Fishing

    The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter Fishing

  • Landlubbers Lodge

    Landlubbers Lodge

Santa's Wonderland 

Santa's Wonderland

Its vivid buildings and delightful figurines capture the true spirit of the holiday season bringing out the happy child in all of us.

  • North Pole Mail Room

    North Pole Mail Room

  • Friendly Forest Clockworks

    Friendly Forest Clockworks

  • Santa's reindeer Training Academy

    Santa's reindeer Training Academy


Vail Village 

vail village

Vail Village is perfectly suited for the town’s natural terrain and winter weather.

  • Winterhaus Resort

    Winterhaus Resort

  • Yonder Peak Ski & Snowboard School

    Yonder Peak Ski & Snowboard School

  • Mountain Holiday Reunion

    Mountain Holiday Reunion

  • Clark's Snowcap Retreat

    Clark's Snowcap Retreat

Jukebox Junction 


Jukebox Junction brings back the nostalgia of the fabulous '50s.

  • Out Of This World Toy Shop

    Out Of This World Toy Shop

  • Big Bite Sandwiches

    Big Bite Sandwiches

  • Walts Malts

    Walt's Malts


Sugar N Spice Village 


Welcome to the sweetest little holiday village you'll ever find!

  • Cookie'n Cream Creamery

    Cookies 'N Cream Creamery

  • Dudley's Donut Shop

    Dudley's Donut Shop

  • Sweet Little Pet Shop

    Sweet Little Pet Shop

Carnival Village 


Recreating the sights and sounds that have enchanted generations of carnival goers.

  • Santa's Sleigh Spinners

    Santa's Sleigh Spinners

  • The Spinning Snowflake

    The Spinning Snowflake

  • Circus Funhouse

    Circus Funhouse


General Products

All are part of the world of Lemax, allowing you to recapture the delight and wonder of a simpler time filled with childhood memories.

  • Christmas Candles

    Christmas Candles

  • Christmas World Booth

    Christmas World Booth

  • Just In Time

    Just In Time

  • Grass Display Mat

    Grass Display Mat


Exclusive Products

Lemax is proud to offer product exclusives through our preferred retail partners Michaels, Menards, and Gift Spice.

  • Michaels Exclusive


  • Gift Spice

    Gift Spice


2021 Holiday Product Categories

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