What's New for 2022
Lemax Collection New Villages

Lemax New for 2022

Lemax Christmas Villages

Christmas memories last a lifetime. New 2022 Lemax Christmas & holiday village collectibles have a fresh look that will inspire Lemax collectors to create new traditions their families will cherish for years to come.

Christmas Village Collections

Lemax Christmas Village Collections are back this year with new designs and buildings to refresh and update your holiday and Christmas villages.
Explore the 2022 Lemax Collection with exciting new Christmas village houses and additions to Santa's Wonderland, Spooky Town, Plymouth Corners, and all your other favorite Lemax villages.

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Lemax 2022 Products

What's New for 2022

Lemax pushes the boundaries of technology and excitement, offering something for the avid and novice collector to enjoy. With just over 200+ Halloween and Christmas Village products released this year, we present our latest creation, the Lemax Christmas and Spooky Town 2022 Holiday Villages.

For Christmas and Holiday village pieces, there are 7 new Sights & Sounds, 56 new Lighted Buildings, 26 new Table Accents, 39 new figurines, 3 new facades, and a slew of other unique accessories and landscaping additions. However, this year's highlight has to be the Carnival Village Sights & Sounds piece, Santa's Freeze Zone soaring 18 inches high with a spectacular soundtrack that will make any Carnival village stand out with fun and excitement.

For Spooky Town, there are 53 new Halloween village pieces with 4 new Sights & Sounds, 13 new Lighted Buildings, 10 new Table Accents, 14 new Figurines, and 12 spooktacular accessories. And this year's Halloween highlight goes to 2 pieces, a Sights & Sounds piece called The Count's Bat Bonanza, a ride for those who wish to fly like Count Dracula. And the Lighted Building called Crypt Of The Lost Pumpkin Souls. Have you ever wondered where pumpkins go when they die?

So enjoy this year's 2022 creations, and please let us know which pieces you like and do not like. And be sure to share your thoughts on social media or contact us directly; we enjoy hearing any feedback you have to share.

Download 2022 PDF Catalogs

Lemax 2022 Christmas Holiday Catalog Lemax 2022 Spooky Town Holiday Catalog

2022 Featured Christmas Village Products

Caddinton Village 


The elegance of the Victorian Era, with its detailed architecture and colorful daily life.

  • Christmas Cheer Bottling Company

    Christmas Cheer Bottling Company

  • Bubble Boutique

    Bubble Boutique

  • Christmas Supply Loft

    Christmas Supply Loft

  • Cooper’s Cottage

    Cooper’s Cottage

Harvest Crossing Village 


Harvest Crossing represents the heart and soul of the American hometown.

  • Top Pizza

    Top Pizza

  • Walter's Wonders

    Walter's Wonders

  • Casey's General Store

    Casey's General Store

  • The Chicken Pot Pie Shop

    The Chicken Pot Pie Shop


Plymouth Corners 

Plymouth Corners

Plymouth Corners replicates a seaside New England village, from the working docks up through the commerce-filled streets.

  • Seaside Santa Christmas Shoppe

    Seaside Santa Christmas Shoppe

  • The Salty Sea Dog Tavern

    The Salty Sea Dog Tavern

  • Moore's Fish Packing Co.

    Moore's Fish Packing Co.

Santa's Wonderland 

Santa's Wonderland

Its vivid buildings and delightful figurines capture the true spirit of the holiday season bringing out the happy child in all of us.

  • Santa's Rooftop Bash

    Santa's Rooftop Bash

  • Santa's Hot Rod Garage

    Santa's Hot Rod Garage

  • North Pole Control Tower

    North Pole Control Tower.


Vail Village 

vail village

Vail Village is perfectly suited for the town’s natural terrain and winter weather.

  • Alpine Winter Shops

    Alpine Winter Shops

  • Wild Wooly's Gift Shop

    Wild Wooly's Gift Shop

  • Aspen Ridge Landscaping & Nursery

    Aspen Ridge Landscaping & Nursery

  • Maple Roads Sugar Shack

    Maple Roads Sugar Shack

Sugar N Spice Village 


Welcome to the sweetest little holiday village you'll ever find!

  • Cookie Boarding

    Cookie Boarding

  • Peppermint House

    Peppermint House

  • Peppermint Cottage

    Peppermint Cottage


Carnival Village

General Products

All are part of the world of Lemax, allowing you to recapture the delight and wonder of a simpler time filled with childhood memories.

  • Tis The Season Shops

    Tis The Season Shops

  • The Music Leson

    The Music Leson

  • Christmas Chimes

    Christmas Chimes

  • Large Cobblestone Mat

    Large Cobblestone Mat

Carnival Village


Recreating the sights and sounds that have enchanted generations of carnival goers.

  • Santa's Freeze Zone

    Santa's Freeze Zone


Exclusive Products

Lemax is proud to offer product exclusives through our preferred retail partners, Michaels and Gift Spice.

  • Michaels Exclusive


  • Gift Spice

    Gift Spice


2022 Christmas Village Product Categories

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